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Enhance your tours with our one-of-a-kind cultural experience at the Coconut Grove Hana. The Coconut Grove Hana is Hana’s only Polynesian culture company offering a truly unique experience with our food, presentation, ambiance, and spirit.  Let us take your tour to the next level.


The Tree of life

Historically, the Coconut has provided a convenient lifestyle for the people of Polynesia. From its deepest root to the youngest frond, the Coconut has proven beneficial in numerous ways. This presentation is crafted to showcase Coconut’s genius ingenuity.


The Cultural Experience

Your guest will be taken back by old Hawaii feel with live entertainment, dancing, & cultural enlightenment as our cultural practioners put on a one-of-a-kind cultural show.

Ka Moku La'au

The Coconut Grove Hana

Enjoy a Hana landscape of vegetation essential to the well-being and health of Hawaii. Guided by cultivators whose childhood upbringing depended on the wealth of these Crops.

Hale Niu

The Facilities

Enjoy a beautiful private hide-away. Dine under an open-air pavilion on custom made dining tables. Equipped with private restrooms and complementary Wi-Fi. 

Mea'ai Ono

Delicious Food

Dine on traditional cuisine at its finest. Our menu of mea’ai ono reflect our cultural presentation and season staple, ulu (breadfruit), kalo (taro), and ‘uala (sweet potato). Choice of proteins are parallel to traditional foods of our islands.


Plate Lunch

Your guests can choose from cultural style, Kalua Pork, Beef Laulau, Fish of the Day or Tossed Pohole Garden Salad.

All entrées are served with the season’s staple, Haupia, and Pohole salad. 


Our bento sampler is served with Kalua Pork, BBQ Chicken on a bed of rice, served with the season staple, Haupia and Pohole salad.

Our Vegetarian bento is a Tossed Pohole Garden salad served with a sesame soy vinagrette. 

Souvenir Photos

Coconut Grove Hana has proudly partnered with Master Photographer Jerry Grigory, of 

Photos are 5×7 with our cultural guide. printed on-site and sleeved in a stand-alone paper frame ready for an instant mount.

Photos and prints are available for purchase.

Photography & Print by Jerry Grigory

Our Commitment

We are committed in working towards establishing a great partnership with our affiliates and vendor. We are committed to keeping our facilities and grounds cleanliness and appearance to ensure that our guest has the best experience.

We are committed in providing a environment where our affiliates tour guides can maximize their guest experience and interactions while on premises with a cultural garden where they can demonstrate their knowledge of native plants and it uses, and makahiki games where they can have traditional competition with their guest. In efforts to maximizing each tour guides bottom line. (The more meaningful the gust experience and interaction the greater the tips)

We are committed to operating and offering our service seven days Aweek and all holidays. And offering reasonable and competitive affiliate rates. being flexible in accommodating each affiliates needs.


  • Open seven days a week and Holidays
  • Safe and clean facilities
  • Complementary Wi-Fi
  • Cultural garden and Makahiki games for your tour guide and guest
  • Live music during lunch
  • A cultural coconut demonstration
  • Souvenir photo for our guest to purchase
  • Local vendors crafts and gift shopping

Cultural Activity Add On

Enhance and customize your guest’s experience with one or more of our cultural activities!

Haku Making

“Haku,” a floral crown, to honor someone special. A Haku lei is an assortment of vibrant colors sewn into breathtaking patterns of flowers and foliage. Poerava Ori Nui ensures fresh natural resources for you to sew into your personalized Haku for a lush tropical crown.

Lei Making

Absolute delight learning to make a lei the Hawaiian way. Exploring the various types of ti-leaf, you will learn the art of ti-leaf lei making. This lei will stay fresh with little preservation techniques, allowing you to proudly wear your handmade creation. Over time, the lei will dry and its color will fade, but it will never lose the significance and beauty of our experience together. 


Weave your own coconut hat and wear it during the remainder of your stay in Hawaii, heck, wear it on the plane ride home. Our experienced weavers will guide you from start to finish. You’ll leave us with a frond woven to wearable perfection.



Before we start strumming away, we’ll go over basic hand positions necessary to play the ukulele properly. Once we’ve got that down, the first ukulele chord will be just as easy as the next. With some practice changing finger patterns between chords, you’ll be playing along to your first song in no time. 


Hula is a beautiful language spoken through body movements in motion with melody. For every phrase, there’s a motion; every motion tells a story.  Step-by-step, you will learn basic footwork and hand motions commonly used in hula. You’ll truly build a connection to this cultural memory in the ambiance of Aloha.


Let’s to sway as Tahitians do. The secrets we reveal to Tahiti’s hypnotizing hips will have you wanting more. It’s the perfect time for all women to truly explore their sassy but classy feminine side. No matter the circumstance, every class will be a blast. 


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